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Families and Parenting

Family and Parenting Counseling

Counseling is not just for when things are sucky.  Authentic relationship counseling designates space to mindfully navigate the relationships in your life. You may seek counseling as an individual or with someone else (i.e. a partner, parent, sibling, or child).

I work with people who seek the ability to more deeply connect with the people around them.  Early life experiences shape feelings about self, others, and the world.  However, brain research describes a concept called brain plasticity which shows that humans have the capacity to change, heal, and grow.


There is no greater joy or challenge then welcoming a child into our lives.  I work with parents who have brought children into their lives through birth, adoption, and fostering.  Common issues include fertility, pregnancy, parental and postpartum depression, and perinatal loss (including miscarriage, stillbirth, and termination), as well as, parenting support and guidance.

The New Moms A wide variety of topics are discussed including:  Sleep, feeding, infant development, the emotional adjustment to parenthood, maintaining your relationship with your partner and adjusting to changes in work circumstances.

The New Dads We explore the anxieties and complexities of navigating the changes associated with becoming a father, as well as our primary relationships with partners, family, friendships, and work life. The second goal is to create a space where men can explore shifts in identity and what it means to be a father, personally and within our larger community and culture. We accomplish this by exploring our own experiences with the fathers and father figures in our lives, as well as our changing role in our own growing families.

See Walking and Talking page to learn more about bringing your children with you in either stroller or carrier. We can walk while processing the issues for which you seek counseling. In the midst of your busy day, you don’t have to choose between exercise and psychotherapy.


Families are made up of many moving parts that are influenced by complex systems of individual thoughts, feelings, and experiences. Being in a family requires a lot of adjustments. Counseling can create the space to maintain and strengthen family connection. I work with families struggling with implications of addiction, divorce/separation, neurodevelopment disabilities, and death/illness.

I have extensive experience working with children both in therapeutic preschools and through contracted work with our local school districts. My approach to working with school-aged children is influenced by Leah Kuyper and Michelle Garcia Winner’s bodies of work. I help children learn to identify their feelings and express their needs while practicing how to communicate this information with others through role-play and creative projects. Together, we explore expected and unexpected behaviors in various settings including home, school, with peers, athletic events, and while out in general public areas. After establishing a relationship with the child and family, I intersperse office sessions with being outside, when possible, and have used bike riding and walking to support therapeutic goals.