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Walking and Talking Therapy

Walking and Talking

Therapy that utilizes movement has the potential to be powerful and deeply restorative.  Numerous research studies support the healing effects of time spent out of doors.  Nature-based therapy means different things to different people. Including, but not limited to gardening, spending time in nature, buying local produce, taking a walk, bird watching, or simply putting fresh flowers on the table.

Walking while participating in talk therapy allows the mind and body to process while there is increased blood flow. Studies suggest this promotes creativity and insight.  Incorporating movement into therapy is as easy as walking while we talk.   If this is of interest to you, we can weave this practice into your therapy session.

Movement-based therapy is also a great option for parents with young children. Children in strollers and carriers are welcome to join us. We will walk from my office for about 50 minutes. We can walk as slowly or as quickly as you want.