Appleyard Counseling


Couples and Intimacy Counseling

Couples counseling is a terrific resource for those times in your relationship where you feel stuck, hopeless. Working with a therapist can be a terrific first step in healing, repairing, and strengthening your relationship.  You can learn skills to help you identify and share your needs and to handle emotions as they arise. Common issues include lack of intimacy, jealousy, resentment, and experiences of infidelity and betrayal.

Marriage and partnership is truly a commitment to do your deepest heart healing work.  With that in mind, what feels like an insurmountable challenge may provide an opportunity for deeper connection and intimacy.  

Couples counseling isn’t a quick fix. Let’s face it, it took some time for certain patterns to develop between the two of you and it will take time to unlearn these and learn something different. Couples counseling can be a terrific support and may give you the following:

  • A sense of feeling less alone and stuck in your relationship;

  • A safe and confidential space to actually share what’s going on for you with your partner;

  • An outsider’s perspective on the dynamics that may be playing out between you two and a chance to practice new, healthier and more functional dynamics;

  • A renewed sense of closeness to your partner and hope for your relationship.

Sexual Health

Sexual health, intimacy, and eroticism are themes in both individual and couples therapy. As a therapist, I am trained to meet my clients where they are in terms of their values and life experiences. This means that this work occurs within the context of your therapeutic goals and comfort level. I invite individuals and couples to stretch their assumptions and to recognize how their fears may limit their experiences.

I am a Gottman Level I therapist and work with IMAGO dialogue.