Appleyard Counseling


Grief Therapy

Therapy can help with feelings of grief, conflict, and stress that arise in the midst of transitions. Living through transition and loss provides an opportunity to learn how to connect more deeply to ourselves and to the loved ones around us. Loss is part of life and we each experience many losses throughout our lifetime. For example: moving, retirement, death, loss of physical ability, children leaving home, changes in employment, marriage, and divorce.  In my practice we take the time to tend to the loss.

People experiencing loss of a child, death of a family from sudden trauma or prolonged terminal illness greatly benefit from working with a skilled therapist.  I have worked with families, couples, and individuals in the midst of profound loss.  This work has lead me to explore treatment modalities for complicated grief which I would be happy to discuss with you.

In the space surrounding loss there is an opportunity to strengthen our resilience. Feeling stuck in the raw grief, anger, despair is where most people are when they begin therapy.  Together, with guidance, we journey along this path to support you in taking time to process, to feel, and to heal.