Appleyard Counseling


Individual Psychotherapy

A common misconception is that therapy means just talking about the past without taking action on the present. This is not true of my practice. While we do create space to talk about past experiences and the feelings that surface, I’m a direct and experiential therapist. The present moment is where we live life and it is in the present moment that we want to feel our best.

I work from a strength-based and client-centered perspective.  I offer a supportive space in which we explore the reasons for which you seek counseling.  I have outlined some of those issues below, but each person brings their own unique history and experience. I actively engage my clients in mindfulness practices, therapeutic exercises to support goals, and thoughtful action steps that are clinically appropriate and mutually agreed upon.

Healthcare Professionals and Healers

I work with colleagues in the fields of medicine and wellness to sort through personal and professional issues. We reflect on the challenges and the joys of helping people while maintaining and attending to full lives and selves.  We discuss compassion fatigue and develop practices that increase your ability to be present and effective.

Relief From Anxiety, Depression, Trauma, And More:

Therapy doesn’t come with guaranteed results. However, you can absolutely imagine that some of the benefits of therapy include:

  • Regaining your sense of vitality;

  • Relief from anxiety, depression, and chronic worry;

  • Clarity about you truly want versus what you think you “should” want and the courage and capacity to move forward;

  • More connection and greater ease in your relationships when it comes to effectively communicating and navigating differences with loved ones;

  • Freedom and relief from self-sabotaging behaviors and a genuine sense of feeling better in your own skin;

  • An increased capacity to resiliently handle the tough stuff;

  • A sense of feeling like you can finally move forward after big losses;

  • And an every day life that includes more ease, more joy, and an increased sense of aliveness;

  • A life that actually feels good on the inside, instead of looking good on the outside.

Truly, beginning therapy can have a profound and transformative impact on nearly every aspect of your life.

What to Expect:  

During our initial session, I will invite you to share your experience and reasons for seeking therapy.  Many people who begin therapy feel uncertain and nervous.  Simply show up as you are. Wherever you are is okay with me. 

Walking and Talking

Therapy that utilizes movement has the potential to be powerful and deeply restorative.  Numerous research studies support the healing effects of time spent out of doors.  Walking while participating in talk therapy allows the mind and body to process while there is increased blood flow. Studies suggest this may promote creativity and insight.  If this is of interest to you, we can weave this practice into your therapy session.

Movement-based therapy is also a great option for parents with young children. Children in strollers and carriers are welcome to join us. We will walk from my office for about 50 minutes. We can walk as slowly or as quickly as you want.